About us

Dear Colleague,

ESVOT published a new web site: OrthoVetSuperSite, with free access to ESVOT members and on payment to everyone who will register.

We plan to open the access to other veterinary orthopaedic societies and groups in the near future.  The aims of the website are to promote online update and exchange of information among the veterinary orthopaedic community, and to promote ESVOT membership and its activities.

We intend to attract veterinarians interested in orthopaedics from all over the world, both in small animal and large animal fields.

ESVOT members and registered users will receive a weekly newsletter e-mail to let everybody be updated more frequently.

The contents of the site are:

  • Abstracts: abstracts concerning veterinary orthopaedics and traumatology published in different journals, collected from the web (journal sites, Congress Proceedings, pubmed, etc.).
  • Interviews: interviews of international Authors discussing new treatments, new implants & instruments, etc.
  • Special focus: planned topics to be discussed/presented by international Authors, 1-2 pages long, with further reading suggestions.
  • Round tables: controversial topics will be presented by different invited Authors.
  • Meetings & Courses: an updated list of Meetings and Courses will be published, with links to each organizing body. Special emphasis will be dedicated to all the national veterinary orthopaedic societies and groups in Europe.
  • Proceedings: PDF files of the ESVOT Proceedings will be available to download.
  • Books: all new books in veterinary orthopaedics will be announced with the front page picture, a short presentation provided by the publisher and the link to the publisher.
  • Comparative orthopaedics: news and Meetings in human orthopaedics, selected from the human medical websites.
  • Advertisements: a section where Companies can advertise new implants/instruments, special courses, with links to their websites. Food and drug Companies are invited too.
  • Classified Marketplace: employment, equipment for sale, medical and surgical suppliers links.
  • Other: new ideas will be developed as the site expands.

The website production is realized by:

  • The Website creation and update is done by a professional web-company, Studiolo, Cremona, Italy, under my direct supervision. 
    Studiolo Design created the website structure, with password entrance for ESVOT members, the archive search engine, and will publish the material submitted by the Section experts.
  • Past contributors: Large animal Orthopaedic Section expert Raphael Labens, Brian Trumpatori Small animal Orthopaedic Section expert, Maria Grazia Monzeglio, DVM PhD resident in Italy

Hoping you will enjoy and appreciate this initiative, I wish you good navigation

Aldo Vezzoni, Med. Vet, Dipl. ECVS OVSS Editor, ESVOT Secretary