Authors: Selena Tinga, David D Tuyn, Rosalind J Kopp, Stanley E Kim

Objective: Compare biomechanical properties of femurs implanted with either BioMedtrix biological fixation with interlocking lateral bolt (BFX®+lb) or cemented (CFX®) stems when subjected to 4-point bending or axial torsional forces.

Category: Femur - Hip
Authors: Federico Longo, Parastoo Memarian, Sebastian Christoph Knell, Barbara Contiero, Antonio Pozzi

Objectives: To determine cutoff values in small (SB) and medium/large (MLB) breed dogs with and without medial patellar luxation (MPL) for identifying abnormal femoral trochlea morphology.

Study design: Original research.

Authors: Georg Michael Mund, Thomas Bitterli, Thomas Christian Häußler, Martin Gerwing, Christian Feichtenschlager

Objective: Our objectives were to report complications associated with stabilization of long-bone fractures in cats using a 3.5-mm titanium interlocking nail and to examine the influences of signalment, fracture type and fixation evaluations on the occurrence of complications.

Study design: Retrospective clinical study.

Authors: Federico Longo, Tommaso Nicetto, Sebastian Christoph Knell, Richard B Evans, Maurizio Isola, Antonio Pozzi

Objectives: To describe a computed tomographic (CT) methodology for planning the correction of femoral and tibial torsion and report the clinical outcomes after femoral (FDO) and tibial (TDO) detorsional osteotomy in dogs affected by torsion malalignment and patellar luxation (PL).

Study design: Multicenter retrospective study.

Animals: Eighteen client-owned dogs.

Authors: Rafael C Siqueira, Sheila C Rahal, Luciana R Mesquita, Fabiana A Voorwald, Martin F Fernandes, Marcos Tosati, Celso R Ribeiro, Paulo S Scorsato

Objective: The aim of this study was to evaluate the influence of near-cortical over-drilling holes on the mechanical behaviour of locking plate constructs applied in maned wolf's femur by using mechanical testing and finite element method (FEM).

Authors: Victoria J Roberts, Richard L Meeson
Authors: Filippo Cinti, Luca Vezzoni, Aldo Vezzoni

Objectives: The aim of this study was to describe the clinical application and outcome of osteochondral autograft transfer using the COR system (COR; DePuy Synthes, Warsaw, Indiana, United States) for the treatment of osteochondritis dissecans (OCD) of the femoral condyle in dogs.

Category: Cartilage - Femur