Authors: Larissa T Pacheco, Annanda S Figueiredo, Ruthnea A L Muzzi, Fernando Y K Kawamoto, Elaine M S Dorneles, Leonardo A L Muzzi

Objective: To assess the effect of tibial compression on radiographic cranial tibial translation measurements in healthy dogs and those with cranial cruciate ligament (CCL) rupture and establish specific criteria for the radiographic diagnosis of CCL rupture.

Animals: 60 dogs.

Authors: Amy Davenport, Dylan Clements, Sumari Dancer

French bulldogs (FBD) are reported to be at an increased risk of developing humeral condylar fractures (HCF). Spaniel breeds have been reported to be at increased risk of HCF due to a high prevalence of humeral intracondylar fissures (HIF), which can predispose to fracture.

Category: Imaging
Authors: Lars Knudsen , Esben Østergaard, Jakob J Jensen, James E Miles, Lene E Buelund

Objective: To assess diagnostic value and clinical utility of multidetector computed tomographic positive contrast arthrography (CTA) for meniscal lesions in dogs.

Study design: Prospective case series.

Study population: Client-owned dogs (n = 55) with cranial cruciate ligament injuries.

Category: Imaging - Stifle
Authors: Natalie J Worden, Bill Oxley, Jaron Naiman, William Michael Karlin, Tiffany M Chen, Scott J Hetzel, Jason Bleedorn

Objective: The main aim of this study is to compare the impact of six proximal tibial osteotomies on the geometry and alignment of tibias with and without excessive tibial plateau angle (TPA).

Category: Imaging - Stifle
Authors: Koen M. Santifort

A 7-month-old, female Rough Collie with a history of diagnosis and treatment for steroid-responsive meningitis-arteritis was presented with a history of recurrent fever and lethargy and progressive lameness.

Magnetic resonance imaging revealed a large fluid intensity lesion (T2W hyperintense to muscle, T1W hypointense and in both sequences isointense to joint fluid) centred on the medial aspect of the right shoulder joint with outpouching into the surrounding muscle.

Category: Arthritis - Imaging - Shoulder
Authors: Parisa Mazdarani, James Edward Miles

Objective: The aim of this study was to identify the ideal anchor point for patellar anti-rotational sutures for adjunctive stabilization of medial patellar luxation in both small and large breed dogs.

Authors: Sonia González-Rellán, Patricia Fdz-de-Trocóniz, Andrés Barreiro

The palmar region of the canine carpus may be injured by traumatic, inflammatory, infectious, neoplastic, and degenerative disorders. The normal ultrasonographic anatomic features of the dorsal region of the canine carpus have been published, however information regarding the palmar region is currently lacking.

The aims of this prospective, descriptive, anatomic study were (1) to describe the normal ultrasonographic characteristics of the palmar carpal structures in medium to large-breed dogs, and (2) to establish a standardized ultrasonographic protocol for evaluating them.

Category: Carpus - Imaging
Authors: Ayman A Mostafa, Clifford R Berry, Menna A Nahla

Objective: To develop quantitative measures that, when combined with the Fédération Cynologique Internationale (FCI) score, would potentially enhance the accuracy of the scoring process.

Animals: 153 client-owned purebred German Shepherd Dogs with normal and near normal (71 dogs) and dysplastic coxofemoral joint (82 dogs).

Category: Hip - Imaging
Authors: Louis M J Vandekerckhove, Stijn Herregodts, Jimmy H Saunders, Bart J G Broeckx

Hip dysplasia is a common orthopaedic condition in dogs and stress radiography is the best diagnostic tool for early diagnosis.

Category: Hip - Imaging
Authors: Maxime Jacqmin, Véronique Livet, Juliette Sonet, Mathieu Harel, Eric Viguier, Pierre Henri Moissonnier, Thibaut Cachon

Objective: The objective of this prospective study was to evaluate the use of ultrasonography in the diagnosis of medial coronoid process disease in unclear cases.

Category: Elbow - Imaging