Outcome of Supraglenoid Tubercle Fractures in 12 Dogs

Kulendra ER, Beer AJC, Hockley GCA, Goh D, Lafuente P, Perry KL
Vet Comp Orthop Traumatol. 2019 Jul;32(4):341-350.

OBJECTIVE:  The aim of this study was to report the outcome and complications of surgical stabilization following fracture of the supraglenoid tubercle in dogs.

MATERIALS AND METHODS: Data from three referral centres (Queen Mother Hospital for Animals, Michigan State University and Veterinary Referral Hospital Hallam) were reviewed retrospectively for cases of supraglenoid tubercle fracture (n = 12).

RESULTS: Overall success rate was 9/12. Major complication rate was 2/12 and minor complication rate was 9/12. All fractures that had major complications were comminuted. Methods of stabilization included pin and tension band wire (n = 5), lag screw (n = 2), plate fixation (n = 2), fragment removal (n = 2) and conservative management (n = 1).

CLINICAL SIGNIFICANCE: Good outcomes can be achieved following fractures of the supraglenoid tubercle, although cases with comminution have a higher complication rate. Further research into the optimal method of fixation and postoperative management is required.